Environment Minister Releases Endangered Starlings into the Wild

Taman Safari Indonesia Bogor/Cisarua 


The Minister for Forestry and the Environments, Siti Nurbaya, has released 40 Black-winged starlings at the Indonesian Taman Safari Reserves (TSI), which is a part of the Mount Gede-Pangrango National Park. The critically-endangered birds were released as a part of an event that was held to celebrate the International Environment Day.

The director from Taman Safari Indonesien Tony Sumampau, the Minister of Forestry and Environment Siti Nurbaya and the member of ZGAP (German NGO) Stephan Bulk opened the door for 40 birds.

After the ceremony we removed the net frame so the birds can fly out of the prereleasing cage directly. We recognized that most of the birds are staying inside at night (around 20 - 25); the others are sleeping in the trees (around 12 - 15).  They  get their diet inside (insects, bananas and papaya), so there is better controlling about the amount of the birds. The next step will be to provide local fruits fixed outside around the aviary. 

In the first six months the Starlings will be monitored by people from Bird Life Indonesia and LIPI University.

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