the new home

  • On January 12th 2016 34 Black-winged starlings from BKSDA Solo (Centraljava) arrived, after 15 hours travelling through Java, in the quarantine of Taman Safari Indonesia. Two weeks later, after the treatment was finished, the birds moved into their releasing aviary. They have to be in good condition before they will be pre-released. "Pre-released", for now we want to train them to come back to the aviary in the evening - for safety (Snakes, Mussangs and Palmcivets) and a better control. 
  • Every bird has a closed ring and each has an official certificate from the BKSDA Solo (Forestry Department).
  • Cikananga and Taman Safari exchanged four Starlings for to create new bloodlines.
  • The next step will be to create a releasingplan with all the people who are involved in this project.