The new Bird Breeding Complex in Prigen/Eastjava

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Four months after the releasing of the Black-winged-starlings our monitoring team is observing eight  natural nests in the area of Taman Safari. Most of these couples are preparing the nests in tree holes with pine needles.

Despite of the hard rain in the last two months three clutches from the wild already hatched and fletched. In total five chicks survived. They joined the existing flock of Starlings.

In between the three successful couples have new clutches again. It seems that the soft releasing program is prosperous. Attached you can receive an impression.

Thank you very much to all the sponsors for your support.

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The Warty Pigs Sena and diddi in their new home

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COMING with a new design

My name is Stephan Bulk. Some of you know me already, because of the projects I did in the last five years in Cikananga (Westjava).

On this new website you will find my next projects on Java in pictures and small movies. The first project is in preparation already. The plan is to release around 30 Black-winged-starlings in Taman Safari Indonesia close to Bogor/Westjava. Please follow the link "Taman Safari Indonesia".